NO Stopping Selena

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A 15-minute movie with a BF scene.   Selena and Kayla are having an affair and about to doublecross Kayla’s husband Ali. only he is onto them and decides to take revenge by putting the brakes on Selena’s Car.  Selena believes that once she sets the heart on something there’s no stopping her, she may be more right than she knows. runtime 16min


2 reviews for NO Stopping Selena

  1. carlos.santos (verified owner)

    Excellent work! Looks like a mini drama film with a story script.
    This is a game changer in GWNB! You should do more videos like this.

    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  2. 14082002

    Title: No Stopping Selena
    Car: Pontiac G6
    Actors & Actresses: Selena, Kayla, & Ali
    Outfit: Pink navel gazing short shirt, short black skirt, and a pair of black ballet flats (Selena)
    Black shirt, jacket, leopard tights, along with a pair of black high heel boots (Kayla)
    Business shirt and tie, Business jacket, and men’s shoes (Ali)
    Summary: Selena is applying pedicure on her feet when Kayla calls upon her. The latter states that she has a plan that would make them free from Ali (Kayla’s husband) and take his money for them. Kayla then shares the plan, before revealing about their love affair by asking for a date. Selena graciously accepted the offer, and they both shared their ‘love you’ speech to each other before leaving the call. Selena finishes her pedicure session, and wears a bracelet and a pair of black ballet flats. She then left her room and drove to the meeting place.
    Selena parks her car and meets up with Kayla. Immediately, they bond with each other and starts their date. Meanwhile, Ali witnessed all of this and went straight to the apartment room. Feeling distraught by this, he grabs a beer and thinks about how to get rid of Selena. He then grabs a pair of gloves and considers using his plier, but decides to just use his bare hands. He then gets out again and unlocks the hood of Selena’s car. He rolls up his sleeves before wearing the gloves. He then fiddled with the brake lines on Selema’s car, before closing the hood and went back to his room.
    Later on, Ali went to the upstairs attic to see Selena and Kayla at the end of their date. He sees the two of them kissing each other, which makes him more jealous. Eventually, Selena said goodbye to Kayla and went inside her car. Selena backs out of her parking lot, not knowing the puddle of brake fluid she left behind.
    Meanwhile, Ali is waiting in the dining room with beer in hand when Kayla opens the door. They soon got into a heated argument, which ended by Kayla wanting a divorce from Ali and saying that she wants to be with Selena, also exclaiming that nothing can stop her. Ali refites by saying that Selena is meeting her end on the twisty road. Kayla sees his pliers and got panicked, running outside the door.
    On the road, Selena is enjoying her drive and pressing the gas pedal further. The speedometer needle kept climbing the further she pushed the gas pedal. After a bit of fast driving, Selena slams on the brake pedal and it goes to the floor. Selena was shocked by this, and pump the brake pedal a couple more times to no avail. Selena quickly got panicked and is struggling to keep the car on the road. All the while, her foot is pumping the brake pedal as fast as she could but to no avail.
    While she continues to steer her car within inches of crashing, Kayla hurriedly calls upon her. Selena responds, and said that she can’t stop her car no matter how fast she is pumping the brake pedal. Kayla suggests using the handbrake, but Selena tried that and nothing happened. Then Kayla insists on turning the engine off, but Selena found out that the key wouldn’t budge on the ignition. As Kayla desperately asking Selena to survive, the latter eventually loses control of her car and she screams while covering her face with both arms. Kayla loses contact with Selena, and cries on the table.
    Selena’s body was flailing around the car, and she got thrown out of the car in the end. Selena wakes up and tries to get on her feet again, only to lose power and fall unconscious, likely killed as a result of the accident.
    The End.
    Review: This short film is good, but it could have been so much more. It has a lot of potential for this film, yet for some reason it doesn’t fulfill that.

    I’ll start with the performances. Selena’s acting is pretty good, with expressive body language and great pumping style to boot. Her facial expression is alright, though it could have been slightly toned down. Ali’s acting is bad though, as his line delivery is poor even though his body language and facial expressions are not bad. Kayla was the best of the bunch, having dynamic facial expressions and actually showing some emotions in her acting. This can be seen during the bonding scene between Selena, as well as her desperation in her call to Selena near the end. Overall, the performances ranges from bad to great, though it is good on average.

    The story itself is really detailed, far more than any other GWNB videos. However, I felt like it was not good enough. Ky main issues is that it can get melodramatic at times, and also quite cliched as well. It gets the job done, but it could have been improved a lot further with more character development as well.

    The production value took a big step up from the previous GWNB videos. The pedal shots are decent, with great camera angles and lots of shots. The cinematography and lighting is also good, considering the fact that there is little budget on this film. However, the green screen implementation is disappointing to say the least. It is blurry and didn’t really align well with the road, as well as the effects aren’t that great. The costuming is just too ridiculous for me personally, especially Selena’s outfit. The pacing is also not great, particularly in the beginning before Kayla’s call to Selena. The kissing scene, though Impromptu, is a neat surprise though.

    Overall, this film is a major step up on a technical and production level compared to previous GWNB videos. But I felt like it was a wasted opportunity, largely due to the acting being inconsistent and surprisingly bad pacing. This film has so much potential to be an all time classic BF in the hands of a better writer, but it just wasn’t meant to be. As a result, I am hard pressed to recommend this film to any BF fans unless they’re either diehard BF fans or filmmakers alike.
    Rating: 7/10

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