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Camrie is barefoot joy riding in my Ford Fusion. she floors the gaspedal and speeds wayy to fast for this winding road, getting up to 100MPH. she expertly navigates the curves until…she tries to slow down. for some reason the brakes will not kick in….known issue on some Fusions! what will happen! purchase and find out!.  Runtime 6mins.


1 review for Camrie -100 MPH BF!!

  1. 14082002 (verified owner)

    Title: Camrie – 100 MPH BF!
    Car: 2013 Ford Fusion
    Model: Camrie
    Clothes: Black short dress, and barefoot.
    Summary: The video starts as Camrie is driving along at her Fusion. She then slowly presses the gas pedal, and the speedometer needle climbs up to 50 MPH. Amused by this, she pushes the pedal even further, the needle now climbing to 60 and 70 MPH. She smiles even more and pinned the gas pedal to the floorboard, the speedometer needle now showing at 90 MPH soon after.

    Camrie eventually steps on the brake pedal, but the car is not slowing down at all. Camrie is concerned and pushes the brake pedal a couple more times, but the car is still barrelling along at high speed. Soon after, Camrie is now panicking as she is pumping the stiff brake pedal, hoping to slow her car down. But her brakes would not activate for some reason, and at one point she barely get through an intersection without collision.

    Camrie is now terrified as no matter how much she pumps the brake pedal with one and two feet, the brakes still would not work. Eventually, she comes across a semi-truck merging onto the road. Camrie can only scream and close her eyes as she crashes into the back of the semi.
    The End.
    Review: I gotta be honest, I’m quite disappointed with this clip. The premise is actually really cool, as it is not often a BF clip is based around a car’s internal brake problem being the main cause of the BF. Barefoot BF is also very alluring and great if it’s coming from a great model. So any viewer would imagine that this should be a great clip based on these ingredients, right?

    Well, unfortunately not.

    My main issue with this clip is Camrie herself. Her performance can be best described as inconsistent if I’m being honest. While her body language is pretty good, her facial expressions are not focused. There is a distinct lack of smooth progression between excited to terrified coming from her, and the fact she seemingly had her mouth open for nearly the duration of the clip doesn’t help. She is also lacking variety as well in her expressions, especially during the BF part. Her pumping style is a bit better in that aspect, but it is still quite inconsistent and she particularly lacked the aggression in terms of pumping the brake pedal. Overall, her performance is disappointing and could have benefitted from clearer direction in my opinion.

    That’s not to say this clip is bad though. The pedal shots are really stellar, with lots of coverage and great camera angles. In particular, the Behind-The-Pedal shots look fantastic and I wish there were more of them in this clip. I also like the pacing, in that it jumps straight into action and never lets up throughout the way. However, the sound mixing is honestly a bit lacking. There are some parts where I felt that the songs dilute what Camrie is saying and that the dialogue sounds a bit off. This is not great and probably contributes to Camrie’s performance in general.

    In conclusion, I really want to like this clip more than it actually is. It has a really good premise and Barefoot BF is always welcomed for any dedicated fans. Technically, it is very good with the standout being the shots that are behind the brake pedal. However, Camrie is a bit of a let down in terms of her expressions and pumping style as well. In the end, it was a clip that had good ideas, but only mild execution.
    Rating: 7/10

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