Stopping Selena

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Katie is tired of Selena’s antics and decides to do something about it!.  while working on her laptop, Selena is teasing anyone who sees her with her gratuitus dipping and dangling in her stockinged feet and  shiny pink heels.   Unbeknownst  to her  Katie decides to sneak up and cut the brakes on Selena’s car. Maybe that’ll show how her!!


1 review for Stopping Selena

  1. 14082002 (verified owner)

    Title: Stopping Selena
    Car: 2005 Toyota Corolla
    Model: Selena
    Outfit: Denim jacket, pink tank top shirt with open navel, white dress pants, and a pair of shiny pink heels with nylons.
    Summary: Selena is sitting around in a park, working on her laptop. She also dangles her stockinged feet out of her heels for anyone to take pleasure. Meanwhile, Katie sneaks upon Selena’s car and opens the hood to fiddle with the master cylinder. Eventually, Katie finishes her job just before Selena sees her. Shortly thereafter, Selena finishes her work and walks back to her car. Once she puts her stuff in the passenger seat, Selena starts the engine and drives away from the park. However, she left upon a puddle of brake fluid on the ground.

    Soon after, Selena is on the road and feeling happy as she press the gas pedal to speed her car up. Then she ees an intersection and steps on the brake pedal. However, her foot almost pushes the pedal to the floor and this concerns Selena greatly. She had to pump the brake pedal a few more times just to stop her car. While waiting for the light to turn green, she pumps the brake pedal and comments on how mushy they were. Then the traffic light turns green and Selena is back on the gas pedal. This is immediately followed up by a stop sign, and Selena moves her feet to the brake pedal again. This time, her foot pushes the brake pedal to the floorboard and this makes Selena a bit panicky. She even had to pump the brake pedal with both feet to just slow the car down. While waiting for oncoming cars to pass, Selena pushes the brake pedal and is more concerned about her worsening brakes.

    Selena then turns left and goes onto a winding road. After a while, Selena calms down and pushes the gas pedal further. This causes the speedometer needle to 40 and 50 MPH. Selena became more and more relaxed, seemingly forgetting her brake problem moments ago. By the time she pushes the gas pedal close to the floorboard, the speedometer is already reaching 70 MPH. Then she sees a T-junction and gently presses the brake pedal once again. However, Selena pushes the brake pedal all the way to the floorboard with no resistance. After pumping the brake pedal a couple more times, Selena soon becomes terrified and is now just trying her best to stop her car.

    Throughout the next few moments, Selena would pump the brake pedal mercilessly. She would switch between one feet and two feet on the limp brake pedal, hoping that she would somehow slow the car down. But her car is still speeding along, and the pedal offers no resistance whatsoever. Selena even has to navigate some sharp corners and got away barely, while gritting her teeth and begging her car to stop. Selena soon grows more desperate, and her feet is now pumping the brake pedal even more frantically.

    Eventually, she comes across a T-junction where she must slow down for the inevitable corner coming up. Selena pulled the handbrake a few times, and even had to pull it with both hands at one point just to slow her car down. Even then, Selena just got by turning left by the slightest of margin, while she is pumping the brake pedal for dear life at this point. Finally, Selena comes upon another park and finds a parking lot, which she then drives her car to a curb. Selena then lets out a sigh of relief, before pumping the brake pedal repeatedly and wondering how her brakes failed.

    Selena calls upon one of her friends and retells her terrifying drive in detail. All the while, she pumps the brake pedal a few more times just to help her case. She is recommended to call upon a tow truck, to which she did immediately. Selena then calls a tow truck and recalls her drive in detail, with some pumps of the brake pedal for good measure. After that, Selena is left confused over why someone messed up with her brakes and sighed in response.
    The End.
    Review: This video is actually really good, but it has some issues for sure. Some of them were subjective, while others were objective.

    I’ll start with the negatives. The pacing in this video is not great. The beginning is honestly the weakest part of the video, mainly because of the dangling part. While it is cool to see Katie sabotaging Selena’s car, this part overall is slow and not really to my taste. Granted, I am not really into dangling that much and it might just be why I’m not interested in the dangling part. But, I’m the sort of the person that loves a clip with proper pacing, and the beginning part just felt awkward for me personally. The ending is also almost as bad, though this has been saved by Selena’s acting and some good pumping action at least. Overall, the pacing is not great and could have benefitted with a shorter version.

    However, the positives are aplenty in this clip. Selena’s acting is really solid, being able to give a lot of variety in her expressions. When she starts to notice her brakes starting to give out, Selena pulls off a convincing worried expression. Then when she found out her brakes were actually gone, Selena smoothly transitioned from being relaxed to panicked and it was great. Her body language is really great as well, being highly communicative and really gives a sense that she is indeed desperately trying to stop her car. The part where she navigates the sharp corners and holding on for dear life is a great example of her brilliant body language. Her pumping style is also just as great as her body language as well. She has this great balance of progression and aggression at the same time, which makes the pedal shots look really good in those high heels.

    Then there is the production value. This clip has some surprisingly good cinematography, both in and out of the car. The pedal shots look superb as usual, with great coverage of the action despite only having a few camera angles. This clip also uses a green screen, which is implemented beautifully. It also helped contribute to Selena’s great performance by giving her more freedom in her body language. Finally, the soundtrack is nice and well put together as well.

    In conclusion, this is a really solid clip that any BF fan would be pleased to have in their collection. My only complaint with it is that the pacing is really disjointed, but your mileage may vary. Other than that, it is a brilliantly put together clip with a great performance by Selena and good production values. Definitely a must buy even if it costs 15 bucks.
    Rating: 8.5/10

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