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Meg is a damsel in distress ..first, her car won’t start, then the car won’t stop, and then she can’t get her foot off the pedals!


Newly upscaled in full HD 60fps. Meg’s boyfriend and best friend conspire to get rid of her first by cutting her brakes, and when that doesn’t work, putting glue on her pedals! That will show her! full video contains upscaled in full HD 60fps. Meg’s boyfriend and best friend conspire to get rid of her first by cutting her brakes, and when that doesn’t work, putting glue on her pedals!
That will show her! full video contains cranking, brake failure and stuck in glue to the gas pedal .Guest Starring Renee a the evil best friend.

runtime 30 minutes


1 review for Stuck in Betrayal HD

  1. 14082002

    Title: Stuck In Betrayal
    Car: Dodge Intrepid
    Model: Meg
    Outfit: White dress shirt, black short skirt, and a pair of silver strappy high heels.
    Summary: A man is cutting the brake lines on Meg’s car. Meanwhile, Meg is currently applying makeup and getting ready for a meeting with her boyfriend. At the same time, Renee (her best friend) is on the outside of Meg’s boyfriend’s house and climbs out of her car. Renee calls Meg soon after, saying that she hopes to have a safe drive to the latter’s boyfriend and fix their relationship. Once she hangs up, she calls Meg’s boyfriend and is informed that Meg’s car has its brake lines cut. Renee was delighted by this, and can’t wait to see Meg’s reaction before hanging up the call.
    Meg has just finished dressing up and wearing her shoe, before stepping out of her house. She climbs into her car and turns the key on the ignition, only to find the car didn’t start. She cranks it for a few moments, while bitching about the condition of her car. Eventually, the car does come into life and Meg is out of the parking lot. She taps on the brake pedal and merges onto the road, even though the pedal seems soft. Meg soon approaches an intersection, and taps the brake pedal again. She didn’t notice the pedal goes lower than usual, and turns left onto the highway.
    Meg soon presses the gas pedal two more times, clearly in a hurry to get to her boyfriend. She sees a downhill stretch and presses the brake pedal again. This time, she caught wind of how soft the brakes were and pumped them a few times. She lets off the pedal, but it wasn’t long before she has to stepped on them again. This time, the pedal went really close to the floorboard, and Meg was surprised by this. She is now worried about how bad her brakes are, while pumping the brake pedal repeatedly to slow down. Eventually, she manages to turn right onto the next street and can relax a bit. Then nearing her boyfriend’s house, she steps on the brake pedal and is shocked at how sluggish they have become. Eventually, she did make it to her boyfriend, albeit having to drive around in circles to slow her car down. After pumping the brake pedal with both feet as well, she manages to stop nearby his boyfriend’s house. Meg calls on him soon after, and she was promised that her brakes would get fixed. Meg climbs out of the car and meets up with her boyfriend.
    Renee approaches Meg’s car soon after and was annoyed that Meg made it through. Renee isn’t willing to give up though, and pulls out a glue tube to get the job done. She opens the driver’s door, and starts dropping glue onto the pedals. Once that was done, Renee closed the door and walked away. Moments later, Meg is out of the house and climbs inside her car. She got out of the parking lot, and steps on the brake pedal again. However, she finds out that someone has put grease on the pedals and let off immediately before merging onto the road. She didn’t think much about it, and was more worried about the fact her boyfriend and best friend are conspiring against her. She approaches another intersection, and moves her feet onto the brake pedal. She is shocked by how bad the brakes have gotten, but decides to continue on. She slammed the gas pedal to the floorboard, causing the speedometer needle to rise. After getting worried that her boyfriend and best friend may have been behind all of this, she lets her feet off the gas pedal. Or rather she couldn’t, as it got stuck on the gas pedal due to the superglue. Meg was shocked by this, and tries again to release her foot off the gas pedal. It still doesn’t work, and the gas pedal is stuck to the carpet as well. Meg mashes the brake pedal again, only to find out it wasn’t working either. Meg is now alternating between trying to unstuck her foot off the gas pedal, and mashing the limp brake pedal. No matter how many times she tried, the car is still speeding up. Finally, she manages to get her foot unstuck from the gas pedal and pumps the brake pedal with both feet. However, it still isn’t slowing down the car much. Neg even tries to unlatch her shoes to see if it could help, but to no avail. By now, Meg is pinning the brake pedal with both feet, doing nothing other than pumping at them repeatedly in the hope of slowing the car down. But it was hopeless, and she has to crash into a ditch to avoid a car in front of her.
    Meg wakes up after being knocked unconscious from the crash. She finds out her feet are still glued to the brake pedal. While she is trying to unstuck her feet off the brake pedal, she calms down and cries at what just happened to her.
    The End.
    Review: This is probably one of the biggest disappointments I have ever seen throughout the whole GWNB catalog. It is an adaptation of “Cara’s Caddy”, a BF story that is well-liked by BF fans. However, it doesn’t translate well to live action for a lot of reasons.

    I’ll start with Meg’s acting. She did fine in this film, though it is noticeably up and down. Her body language is good, but her facial expressions are all over the place. In fact, I argue that Renee but on a better performance than Meg, despite having a much smaller role. But, Meg’s pumping style is awful in this video. For whatever reason, her feet are flopping around and standing still on a few occasions. This is made worse during the glue segment, where it spends as much time standing on the brake pedal as pumping it. Overall, Meg’s performance is adequate with a lot of flaws.

    The pedal shots are not great. While the angels are good and the coverage is decent, there is an inconsistent video quality between one camera and the others. A big issue is how surprisingly scarce they are on the whole video. The same can be said for the editing, in particular the first half of the video with the road footage. Sometimes, they don’t mesh well with one road to the other, causing unnecessary distraction from the clip. However, the biggest problem of this video is the awful pacing. There are times where I felt like the video is standing still, or just straight up padding. For example, the makeup scene is unnecessarily long and should have been edited down to half of that. The same goes for her attempt to unlatch her shoes, which I felt was just padding up the runtime. It ruins the whole video, and really could benefitted from a much better editing effort.

    Overall, ‘Stuck in Betrayal’ is a bad adaptation of a well-liked BF story. The awful pacing, mediocre acting from Meg, and just average oedal action makes this a big disappointment. It’s a shame really, since it has some potential and it has its positives, such as a good outfit and alright soundtrack. I honestly wouldn’t recommend it to any BF fan, and wouldn’t care to see it the second time of asking.
    Rating: 4/10

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