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Camilla is in a runaway car with a stuck gas pedal and no brakes!



Cammilla’s boyfriend is bad..she wants to leave him but he can’t handle rejection. When she finally decides enough is enough and leaves, he decides to mess with her car.  While driving her brakes give out and her throttle is stuck wide open.. she desperately pumps the pedals in worn purple flats. runtim 9minutes.

1 review for Bad boyfriend HD

  1. 14082002

    Title: Bad Boyfriend (HD)
    Car: Dodge Intrepid
    Model: Camille
    Outfit: Blue jacket, black floral dress, and purple ballet flats.
    Summary: Camille has left her ex and is currently preparing herself for a date with her new boyfriend. However, her ex is a mechanical genius and fiddled with her car under the hood.
    Moments later, Camille gets out and reaches her car. She sees a note left on the windshield and reads it. The note is a threat from her ex that if she has left her, then he will make her regret it. Camille threw the note into the tarmac and climbs into the car. Camille straps her seatbelt in and checks her makeup, before driving away from her parking spot. However, she didn’t notice the puddle of brake fluid left behind on the tarmac.
    A while later, Camille is now on the freeway and mashed the gas pedal, the speedometer now going to 60 MPH. Camille felt it wasn’t quick enough and presses the gas pedal even more, with the speedometer needle rising to 70 MPH.
    After a bit of fast driving, she wanted to slow down and let her feet off the gas pedal. However, the gas pedal is pinned to the floor and the speedometer needle is now reaching 80 MPH. Camille got worried over this, and tries lifting the gas pedal with her foot. But it was useless, and she got more desperate over trying to get her gas pedal unstuck by trying all sorts of moves with her feet.
    After a bit of struggling, Camille tried stepping on the brake pedal. But it went straight to the floorboard as well, and Camille was shocked by it. She pumped the brake pedal a couple more times with no effect, and tried some more with the same result. Camille is now getting a bit terrified, as she is now mashing the brake pedal repeatedly in the hope of slowing her car down. But it was no use, and Camille tried other methods.
    Camille tried to disengage the cruise control, but found out that it was stuck at full speed. She moves the gear lever forward and backwards, but didn’t get any response from it. Next, she tries to use the handbrake with her left and right feet. It still doesn’t work, and Camille is now really scared as the speedometer is reaching 90 MPH.
    After some more frantic pumping of the brake pedal with a THUD sound over and over again, Camille is now starting to fear for her life. She checks on her phone, and finds out that it was her ex-boyfriend that set her up for a terrible accident. Camilla soon went a bit hysterical, in disbelief over how her ex had done this to her. She tried one last futile effort by pulling the key from the ignition, only to find that it does nothing. Camille went into full panic mode, screaming as she realizes she has no way of slowing down her car. All the while, the speedometer has now reached 100 MPH.
    Camille is now begging her car to slow down, pumping the brake pedal as hard as possible with both feet many times. But no matter how fast she is mashing the limp brake pedal, the speedometer has now surpassed 100 MPH. As she approaches another car in her lane, Camille can do nothing but scream and still pump the brake pedal. She covers her face soon after, bracing for the inevitable accident.
    The End.
    Review: This is one of Camille’s final videos for GWNB, and it did not disappoint.

    I’ll start with Camille’s performance. Her acting is excellent, with a wide variety of expressions and decent body language to boot. I really like how gradual her transition from casually minding her own business to a classic damsel in distress throughout the video. Her voice is good as well, being feminine and sexy as well. This video just proves that Camille is one of the best models GWNB has ever had, and it is a big stand out from this video.

    That doesn’t detract from the rest of the video though. The pedal shots are superb, combining good coverage with creative camera angles. Camilla’s pumping style is also really good, being hard but gentle as well when needed. The outfit is really good as well, being understated and beautiful at the same time. I also like how the pacing is great, and it never feels like it drags out in certain places. The plot is explained quite well even if it uses expositions, and the outtakes at the end are a neat touch.

    Overall, this is one of the best videos GWNB has ever made and a fitting send off to Camille, even if it wasn’t her last video. Her acting, the pedal action, everything combined to create a near perfect package of a BF video. I highly recommend it to any GWNB fans looking to find out what Camille is capable of, as well as BF fans looking for a grwat BF clip.
    Rating: 9.5/10

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