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Emi’s brakes are tampered with again! she is wearing a short skirt and high heel sandals. she pulls into a coffee shop to have a coffee and take some phone calls. While inside, someone cuts her brakes again…is it the same guy from last time?? She drives away speeding over 60mph but when she comes to a stop sign she feels the brakes all mushy under her feet!. she is still able to stop and continues on her way, speeding once again, but after the 2nd time pushing on her brake pedal, it sinks to the floor to the floor under foot! she can’t stop her car no matter how many times she pumps her brakes! runtime 9mins

1 review for Emi HH Sandals BF

  1. BFriker (verified owner)

    More great work, this time we find Emi in a black leather coat, silver strappy heels and the shortest black skirt I have seen in awhile. She heads inside to get some coffee when a familiar stranger approaches her car and cuts the brake line. It appears to be the same person from her boots brake failure (she must have made him mad… but I digress.).

    We cut to see Emi dangling her feet while she relaxes and enjoys her coffee. I have to admit, her legs and feet are perfect and I adore the violet nail color. The camera work is solid and we get to enjoy watching before the action begins. Spyder always does a great part with the voyeur aspect of these clips. She walks to her car and applies some lipstick. OMG someone help me! We get great shots of her face and those lips….wow. Emi puts the car in great, drives away and fun part begins.

    The clips were filmed while driving, vs. a green screen. I actually prefer this when we can film this way and the transitions are perfect. We watch Emi slowly push on the gas with her high heeled sandals and then cut to the speedometer slowly rising. This is beautifully done and I appreciate the tease we get with a slow build up of speed and power, especially in shoes that look this good.

    Emi’s acting is pretty good, especially when she is driving normally, we really believe she is just enjoying a drive in the country. When the brakes feel soft she looks worried, asking what is going on? She gets very nervous very fast and it felt a bit rushed to me. A slower, more controlled build up would have fit better, but overall I cannot complain. I especially like how she pushes back on the steering wheel, leaning against the seat when she is trying to stop. You can feel that she is pushing harder, and if you like that then you will love what is to come.

    We get a variety of pedal shots including one form the passenger side. This is amazing and hard to get as most cars make that shot very difficult to obtain. Emi jabs the pedal when she loses all brake power, twisting her foot when she can. Emi’s reactions are very good, lots of grimacing and returning to the leaning back in the seat when she is trying to maintain control in a curve. Some of her dialogue does feel to be a bit reaching and somewhat forced. “Come on gravity,” was one example that took me out of it a bit, I don’t believe anyone would say that. But I am rewarded with lots and LOTS of vigorous pumping in a shoe where we get to see her toes scrunch, she is pushing VERY hard.

    There is some great stuff in the final minutes as we really see how FAST she is going, this adds to the tension and matches the frantic pumping. We see Emi try the emergency brake then switch to two feet and then returning to the Emergency brake. The dialogue on the return to the ebrake makes it sound like this is a surprise to her, but it’s not. Not referring to the ebrake and just groaning would let us know she is trying out of desperation, which she is, and I love. The final moments are very real and very satisfying. Overall I highly recommend you pick this one up, EMI is gorgeous and this is an exceptional piece of work!

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