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Meg loses her breaks wearing high heel peep toe shoes and patterned stockings.



Now in HD 60fps!!

Meg is visiting the gave of a dead releavive who let her a ton of money. unbeknownst to her someone wants her out of the picture so that money goes to them. while she’s paying her respects they cut the brakes on her car. on the way home she finds herself speeding down a steep winding road with NO BRAKES! runtime 9 minutes.

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  1. 14082002

    Title: Inheritance
    Car: Dodge Intrepid
    Model: Meg
    Outfit: Black leather jacket, black short dress, black stockings, and black slingback heels.
    Summary: A man is cutting through the brake lines on Meg’s car. He squeezes every ounce of the brake fluid remaining before he presumably leaves.
    A while later, Meg is now driving on the road to a location. It wasn’t long before she arrived at her location: A graveyard. She stops her car at a parking spot and gets out of the car. She walks to her father’s grave and kneels down to pay respects. While she cries over him, brake fluid is leaking out onto the gravel. Eventually, she finishes paying respects to her father and walks back to her car. Once she climbed inside of her car, she took a moment of reflection to calm herself down. After that, she straps her seatbelt in and turns the ignition on, before driving away from the graveyard.
    A while later, Meg is back onto the road and pressing the gas pedal, pushing the speedometer needle upwards. All the while, more brake fluid was slowly but surely dropping out of the cut brake line without Meg noticing. It wasn’t until Meg reaches a downhill road that she steps onto the brake pedal. However, the pedal went all the way to the floor and brake fluid is spewing out of the brake line. Meg got worried, and pushed the brake pedal a couple more times with no effect. Meg pumps the brake pedal some more, until she realizes that her brakes are completely out. It’s not long before she screams as she is hanging on for dear life around the corners. All the while, her heels are pumping the brake pedal rapidly trying to gain any pressure, but to no avail. Once she gets onto a straight road, Meg is still pumping the brake pedal and pleading for her car to slow down. But, the speedometer needle kept rising up and more brake fluid is coming out of the cut brake line.
    Meg sees a corner up ahead and tried a last futile attempt mashing the brake pedal, but it was useless. Meg can only covers her eyes and screams as she went into an inevitable crash.
    The End
    Review: Gotta say, I am a bit disappointed by this video. I had high hopes for this video due to an intriguing premise and cute outfit, yet it squanders on that potential through several ways.

    I’ll start with Meg’s performance. She has some great body language, particularly in the no brakes section. Her facial expression is also decent, though I felt like her screaming was a little bit exaggerated at times. Her pumping style is bad though, though it does looks promising when the BF part starts. Overall, a decent performance from her.

    The pedal shots is where it starts to drop down a bit. The pedal sometimes acted inconsistently, as some shots had the pedal to the floor and some shots had the pedal stay firm. This was more of a fault to the car itself, but I digress. It wasn’t helped by Meg’s pumping style being just flopping the pedal around, and the camera angles being limited though creative. The biggest issue is how scarce they have become as the video goes on. This is particularly noticeable in the last third, where I felt like some pedal shots could be inserted in without an issue.

    The rest of the video is all over the place. While the cinematography is good and the graveyard scene is a good introduction, the pacing of this video was not great. There is also some issues with the sound mixing, particularly in the last third when the brake fluid is leaking out of the cut brake line.

    Overall, it is a disappointment considering the potential it has got. While Meg’s performance is decent and her outfit is good, it doesn’t cover up the scarcity of pedal shots late on and the surprisingly poor pacing. This is a clip that I reluctantly recommend to BF fans, though don’t set your expectations too high.
    Rating: 6.5/10

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