Kayla’s Nightmare

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Kayla is  heading home  late at night after a date.  She’s feeling good about everything but little does she know her brakes are leaking brake fluid ..on the way home she takes some winding roads and her brakes start to give out on her. will she make it home?? runtime 4 minutes.



1 review for Kayla’s Nightmare

  1. 14082002 (verified owner)

    *Title*: Kayla’s Nightmare
    *Car*: Pontiac G6
    *Clothes*: Dark blue spaghetti strap long summer dress with a flower motif, and a pair of tie-up gladiator sandals.
    *Synopsis*: Kayla steps outside of a cafe, and rushes to her car. She gets inside and starts the car, before putting the car into Drive. She drove away from her parking lot, failing to see a puddle of brake fluid underneath her car.
    Kayla is now driving through a downhill country road, singing to the songs heard on the radio. Meanwhile, her right sandal presses the gas pedal and the speedometer needle picks up. Soon after, she presses the brake pedal to slow the car down. However, she then pumps the brake pedal a few more times and comments on how mushy they are. She then steps back on the gas pedal, with the speedometer needle climbing up once again.
    After singing on her own while driving, she eventually decided to slow down for an upcoming corner. She presses the brake pedal once again, but the speedometer needle keeps rising. Kayla then pushes the brake pedal to the floor, and is surprised that her car isn’t slowing down. She started pumping the brake pedal frantically, and just barely got around the sharp corner.
    Kayla begins to panic as she is now pumping the brake pedal like a madman. Later on, she would pump the brake pedal with both of her feet, desperately begging her car to slow down. She is then horrified when she sees an intersection ahead, and terrified at the prospect of a crash. However, her car is still not slowing down despite Kayla pumping the brake pedal so hard to the floorboard multiple times.
    Eventually, the inevitable had happened and Kayla screams as she crashes her car into traffic.
    The End.
    *Review*: This clip is the definition of ‘short but sweet’. Even though the video is only 4 minutes long, it is perfectly paced and doesn’t feel dragged out for long.

    Kayla is a fantastic actress on this clip. She was able to express a lot of emotions in just a short amount of time. A great example of this is when she sings on her own at the beginning to middle of the clip. This was a great indicator of how excited she was after the successful date and wanting to go home. Then her expression transitions to fear when her brakes go out, which is greatly executed by Kayla. I also love her body language as well, particularly when she is begging for her car to stop before the crash, and has a good voice as well.

    The pedal shots are brilliant as well. Even though there are two angles, they provide great coverage of Kayla pumping the pedals, as well as being well-lit. This is also the point where I get to Kayla’s pumping style, which is easily the best part of the clip. Kayla is mashing the brake pedal multiple times once she realized her brakes are out, which is great to see. Her brute force when pumping the lifeless brake pedal not only provides great action, but also indicates how desperate she was to stop her vehicle from crashing into oncoming traffic.

    In conclusion, Kayla’s Nightmare is a great little clip that doesn’t waste the viewer’s time and has been executed properly. For the BF fans that wanted a short yet straight to the point and concise BF clip, this is the one for you.

    *Rating*: 9/10

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