Last Job 2

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Brandy’s  last ever brake failure shoot with GWNB. She plays a spy who just stole secret data during a high society gala and is on her way to meet her contact…but little does she know the brakes on her getaway car have been tampered with. When she signed on she had no idea this would be her…last job.  Runtime 7 minutes.


1 review for Last Job 2

  1. 14082002 (verified owner)

    “Title”: Last Job 2
    “Car”: 2001 Mazda 626
    “Model”: Brandy
    “Clothes”: Green Sequin two-piece dress and a pair of lace-up stiletto high heel sandals.
    “Synopsis”: A mysterious man has cut a brake line on Brandy’s getaway car with a pilder. A short while later, Brandy comes out of the gala, having gotten the secret data. She gets in her getaway car and turns the ignition key on. Once the engine fires up, she drives away from the driveway. However, she failed to realize that there was a big puddle of brake fluid she left on the driveway.
    Brandy is now going through a twisty mountain road, pressing the gas pedal to make her car go faster. Brandy is serious as she is pushing the gas pedal harder, making the needle on the speedometer climb higher. After she lifts off the gas pedal to slow down for a moment, she makes a phone call to her employer. She is delighted to say that she got the data without anyone seeing her, and that she took the mountain roads for some fun. She ends the call and is back on the gas pedal, making the speedometer jump back up again.
    Brandy then sees an intersection coming up. She moved her right foot to the brake pedal, but it went straight to the floorboard. Meanwhile, spurts of brake fluid come out of the cut brake line. Puzzled by this, she presses the brake pedal again and nothing happens. More spurts of brake fluid coming out of the cut brake line follow soon after. She soon panics as she begins to pump the brake pedal frantically, and was lucky to pass through the intersection without crashing.
    Brandy is now on high alert, as she is desperately pumping the brake pedal to slow her car down. But the brakes would not respond, and she is now barreling down the road at 80 MPH. She navigates through the sharp corners, knowing that her car has no brakes.
    Then she is horrified to see a T-Junction coming up on her. She is now pumping the brake pedal with both feet, trying to gain any semblance of stopping power. But, the car is still not slowing down and Brandy has gone into full panic mode. Eventually, Brandy screams and closes her eyes with her arms before she crashes at the T-Junction.
    The End.
    “Review”: This clip has so much going on for it. While it is 7 minutes, it never feels dragged out or tedious at any point. In fact, I find it to be brilliant in terms of pacing. The clothes are also really good and perfectly connect to the synopsis of the story.

    Brandy’s acting is pretty good, though not perfect. At the beginning of her drive, I felt like her facial expressions were a little bit too stiff in my view. I know she is a professional, but she should have expressed a little more joy in her expressions. It wasn’t until Brandy made the phone call that it started to get really good. Throughout the call, Brandy has this smugness of accomplishing her objective and I like it. This smugness would maintain all the way until she pushed the brake pedal to the floor. The transition from a smug woman to a scared, desperate woman is great, due to how Brandy’s expressions greatly adapt to it. The rest of the clip is where it gets really good, as she is fighting to keep her car under control with surprisingly varied facial expressions. Her body gestures are also great, almost as if she wants to stop her car so badly. Though I think her screaming is a bit too much, as a few of them did take me by surprise. It would be better if she screamed less, but that’s just my opinion.

    The pedal shots are just brilliant. There are a lot of camera angles on the pedals, including ones from the door and the center console. This makes for some great coverage on the pedal shots, as well as being really well-lit. Brandy’s pumping style is very good, as it is a good combination of brute force and sexiness. It perfectly compliments her body language, and they surprisingly carry a lot of weight as well.

    To sum up, Brandy’s final clip at GWNB really is a befitting way to go out on a high note. Even though her performance is not 100% perfect, she is really good at being a woman of distress in a brakeless car. The rest of the clip is just very good, in particular the pedal shots. Overall, any BF fan should check on Brandy’s swansong, because it is a really, really good one.
    “Rating”: 8.5/10

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