Meg with NO Brakes

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NO plot, just a straight foward Brake failure scene. someone cuts her brakes, she leaves and drives away, her breaks fail. she pulls over with the emergency brake. the end. She’s wearing jeans and light pink sling back heels.  back by popular demand

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  1. 14082002

    Title: Meg with No Brakes
    Car: Dodge Intrepid
    Model: Meg
    Outfit: Denim jacket, sleeveless navel-gazing pink shirt, jeans, and a pair of light pink slingback heels.
    Summary: A guy went into Meg’s car and cut the brake lines underneath her car. After that, he ran away from the car.
    Moments later, Meg comes out of her house and walks into her car. She gets inside and turns the ignition on, before backing out of the parking lot. As she drove away, she left a puddle of brake fluid on her lot.
    Soon after, Meg is on the road and flooring the gas pedal. She sees an intersection and presses on the brake pedal. However, Meg is concerned over how soft the brakes are and had to pump it a few times to slow down. Once the traffic light goes green, Meg is back on the gas pedal.
    After a bit of driving, Meg pushes the brake pedal again to turn left towards a twisty road. This time, Meg has to pump the brakes a few more times just to make the turn. Nevertheless, Meg continues on with her journey. After going through the corners with her foot on the gas pedal, she mashes on the brake pedal once again. This time, the brake pedal went to the floorboard with a resounding THUD. Meg was shocked by this, and started pumping the brake pedal frequently. She negotiated through each corner without talking too much, all the while her foot was still pumping the brake pedal in vain.
    Eventually, Meg pulls on the handbrake and the car does slow down eventually. Meg pulled over to the side of the road, and took a deep breath to calm down. She then called her friend to pick her up, while her feet were still pumping the limp brake pedal.
    The End.
    Review: I watched this video when it was free on the previous version of this website. It’s been quite a while since I watched it, so this review isn’t in any way accurate. What I will say though is that it really is a very simple BF clip, though that’s not to say ut is bad.

    I’ll start with Meg’s performance first. Her body language is surprisingly good, with dynamic and expressive body movements. Her facial expressions are alright, though they can be inconsistent at times. Her pumping style is not good though. She alternates between flopping the pedal around and actually mashing the brake pedal repeatedly, which is not fluid and consistent in my opinion. Overall, Meg puts on an alright performance with some glaring flaws.

    The same could be said for the pedal action. The lighting is all over the place, ranging from good to distracting. The pedal action themselves are fairly lacking, not helped by Meg’s lackluster pumping style. The cinematography is decent, though that is expected in a GWNB video. The outfit is admittedly good though, but that’s the only standout from this video.

    Overall, this is a very simple BF clip to a fault. Everything about it feels average, except the good choice of outfit. From the pedal scenes to Meg’s performance, it feels like this clip is put together as a stopgap between larger clips. As a result, I am hard pressed to recommend this clip to any experienced BF fan.
    Rating: 5/10

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