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Stella has no brake wearing short shorts, tube top and black flats that show a lot of toe cleavage


Newly upscaled to Full HD 60FPS!

Stella has stolen a secret formula that she intends to sell to the highest bidder and run away with her boyfriend. Little does she know he is a double agent and has used this special formula to eat away at the brakes of her car!


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  1. 14082002

    Title: No Stopping Stella
    Car: Dodge Intrepid
    Model: Stella
    Outfit: Pink shoulder-baring shirt with some cleavage, black short skirt, and a pair of ballet flats with some toe cleavage.
    Summary: A mysterious person approaches Stella’s car. He searches for the driver’s door handle, and opens it to unlatch the hood. Once the hood is unlatched, he unloads a special liquid out of his pocket and opens the hood. He opens the brake fluid reservoir, and pours some of the liquid in there. Next, he opens the power steering reservoir and pours the remaining liquid in there. He closes the caps from both reservoirs and the hood itself. Once that was done, he called upon his girlfriend Stella.
    Stella receives the call, and confirms that she has gotten the remaining special liquid to be sold later on. The man promises that they can start a new life together with the money from selling the liquids, to which Stella enthusiastically agrees. The man asked Stella to drive to the required location as fast as possible, and she mustn’t be late. Stella says yes, and they greet each other goodbye before ending the call. Stella then packs up her belongings (which includes putting the liquids inside her pocket) and gets out of her apartment room. She climbed down the stairs on the way to the exit door, and walked to her car. Stella loads her luggage to the trunk, before climbing inside her car. When she tries to buckle her seatbelt though, it didn’t work and Stella just forgoes it altogether. She starts the engine, and reverses from the parking lot. While driving away from her apartment, a puddle of brake fluid appeared on the tarmac.
    On the road, Stella is flooring the gas pedal to get to her destination soon. She is enjoying how fast she is going, so she floors the gas pedal some more and the speedometer needle climbs up to around 70 MPH. Then she wants to slow down due to going too fast, and presses the brake pedal. However, the pedal went straight to the floor with no resistance. Stella was surprised by this, and pumped the brake pedal a couple more times to no effect. She starts to mash the brake pedal frequently, while also holding on for dear life through the corners.
    As the corners come by, Stella has to turn as hard as she can to make it out safely. All the while, her foit is pumping the brake pedal repeatedly and she is begging for her car to slow down. But no matter how rapidly she pumps the limp brake pedal over and over again. It didn’t work. Stella tried to use the handbrake, but it was useless as well. While she is frantically trying to slow the car down, her phone rings. She grabs it, and sees a message from her boyfriend. It was revealed that her boyfriend is actually betraying her and was disappointed that she didn’t take the offer to join him. Her boyfriend says goodbye to her, and Stella is terrified that her own boyfriend is trying to kill her.
    As her car gets faster no matter how fast is she pumping the brake pedal, Stella is struggling to turn the wheel even harder. Corner by corner, the steering gets harder to turn and Stella is now fighting to keep the car under control. Eventually, the steering gave up approaching a sharp corner, and Stella said aloud that she is going to crash, while still pumping the brake pedal with both feet to no avail. She covers her face and screams as she crashes through a guardrail. Her car went down the cliff pretty harshly, and her body is flailing around without the intervention of her seatbelt. Finally, the car crashes into the ground and Stella is badly injured in the end. She musters the strength to get out of the car, only to collapse afterwards.
    Immediately, Stella’s boyfriend approaches her car and grabs her pocket filled with the special liquids. After that, he calls his boss and says that Stella has been taken care of, as ambulance sirens can be heard in the background.
    The End.
    Review: This entry of the “No Stopping” series is really good, and a well-built video on its own merit.

    I’ll go with Stella’s performance first. Her facial expression is understated, but showcases enough emotion and has a good transition from excited to frightened once the BF part starts. The same goes for her body language, which is fluid if understated as well. Her pumping style is also quite good. Sure it can be repetitive at times, but it is satisfying enough that it is not noticeable throughout the video. Overall, a pretty good debut performance from Stella.

    The pedal shots is where this clip really shines. There is an abundance of pedal action, coupled with highly creative camera angles and great coverage. It does provide one setback, which is that they drag the pacing of the video down a little bit, specifically in the middle to end portions of the video. But that is only a minor complaint compared to the rest of the video, which has good pacing otherwise. I want to mention the crash scene at the end, which is really well-executed even with the dodgy effects. This was also one of the first videos in GWNB to use green screen, and it is well implemented if a bit dodgy at certain points.

    Overall, this is a really good entry point for any BF fan looking to get into the “No Stopping” series and a great clip on its own. Solid performance from Stella, great pedal action, and good production value makes this video a good recommendation from any BF fan.
    Rating: 8.5/10

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