Sabrina Can’t Go

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Sabrina gets her lace-up strappy sandals stuck in glue and can’t go out with the girls


Sabrina is all dressed up to go out but someone has left a board fully fast-setting industrial adhesive. She steps right in it just as she is about to head out to meet the girls.  she struggles to lift her feet but her shoes are stuck fast and her straps are too stretchy; keeping her from being able to lift her shoes even a little bit. then she panics when she realizes she tied the knots too tightly and can’t undo them. watch the full video to find out if she gets free or not.

runtime 8mins

2 reviews for Sabrina Can’t Go

  1. AyaneMatrix (verified owner)

    TLDR: Sexy feet stuck in some lovely sandals! Yum

    The simple plot sets up perfectly for Sabrina getting her feet stuck; of which, are the stars of the show. Her sandals are also the type that I like seeing in these kinds of scenarios where they make it difficult to escape from the glue due to how they work, or tie up in this case. Her struggles do make for a more realistic feeling stuck scene, especially given how she’s concerned for her sandals and irritated by them being stuck in the first place.

    There are some stretching bits around the middle that you can also see during closeups and closer to the end; though, if you’re looking for that classic goo stretch, it’s not really present in this video. The nature of Sabrina’s sandals do not allow for the glue/goo to stretch much without them snapping apart, so take take that as a grain of salt if sandal/shoe stucks are not your cup of tea. On the other hand, if you like sexy feet, sandals that barely cover anything, and more realistic stuck scenarios – then this is the video to check out!

  2. Carlos diaz

    And please release the full video please!

    • SPYDER

      It IS released. for sale. if you want to see it, buy it.

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