Selena Barefoot BF

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Selena gets in her car and drives barefoot. she’s enjoying her drive but when she goes to slow down for a hill her brakes don’t work. the pedal is stuff but the car won’t slow down!!


6 reviews for Selena Barefoot BF

  1. Craig singleton

    I would like to see her wear some ballet flats in the next video.

  2. BFTH123 (verified owner)

    Nice acting and camera shots.

  3. D15 (verified owner)

    Love the setup and the convincing acting of losing brakes.

  4. carlos.santos (verified owner)

    Excelent acting. Her feet are incredibly sweet.

  5. Jay Owen

    The video is advertised to be barefoot and it completely delivers. Not sure how someone could rate this low when it’s clear what kind of video it is. Some of the best feet I have ever seen and a beautiful girl with great camera work and acting to boot.

  6. Jero

    her feet are very beautiful I like them

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