Sell or Die 2 (with FlipFlops)

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Brandy broke her word with a evil land tycoon and decides to sell the property to someone else. she doesn’t know that he needs that property for nefarious reasons. when she refuses to reconsider he decides to take her out the picture by cutting the brakes on her car.


2 reviews for Sell or Die 2 (with FlipFlops)

  1. carlos.santos (verified owner)

    Georges feet. Nice FlipFlops. Perfect shot angles! Loved the ending scene with the camera showing her heels.

  2. 14082002

    Title: Sell or Die 2 (With flip flops)
    Car: 1991 Honda Accord
    Model: Brandy
    Outfit: Denim jacket, yellow short dress, and a pair of black flip flops.
    Summary: A mysterious person goes underneath Brandy’s car and cuts the brake lines.
    Later on, Brandy is in a call with a gangster looking to purchase a property she has just sold. She argues that he won’t be able to buy the property, as she already sold it to someone else. She then asks the gangster why he wants that property, and receives a threat from the person as well. She closes the call by reaffirming the sale of the property to someone else and not letting the gangster “off” her. She gets inside her car and starts her car, before driving away from her parking spot. Unaware to her, she left a puddle of brake fluid lying on the gravel.
    A few moments later, Brandy is now driving on a hilly road with her foot pressing the gas pedal. The speedometer rises to 60 MPH, but Brandy wanted more. She slams on the gas pedal once again, and the needle climbs up even more to 65 MPH. Then she approaches a T-junction and gently presses the brake pedal. However, Brandy notices the brake pedal is softer than usual. She has to pump them a few times, while commenting how spongy the brakes are and how it doesn’t give her confidence for the upcoming hills. She soon taps on the brake pedal again, and her concern remains the same. All the while, lots of brake fluid are leaking out underneath her car.
    Brandy soon approaches a steep downhill stretch of road. She slams on the brake pedal once again, only to find it went to the floorboard with no resistance. She panicked really quickly, as she is now frantically pumping the limp brake pedal. After going through the downhill stretch, Brandy sees an intersection and pleads for her car to slow down. Then she screams in fear as she just barely made it through the intersection, her feet still pumping the brake pedal with all of it’s worth. Brandy pulls the handbrake lever to slow down, but it didn’t work either.
    As the roads got more treacherous and hilly, Brandy is now in full panic mode, begging her car to slow down. She screams through the downhill stretches of the road, all the while her foot is relentlessly mashing the brake pedal to no avail. Brandy sees the speedometer rising up, and is slamming the useless brake pedal several times. Eventually, she sees a T-junction with a ditch in front. Brandy pulls on the handbrake and mashing the brake pedal with both feet in a last-ditch attempt, but it was hopeless. Brandy screams and covers her face with her hand, as she comes into an (probably) serious crash into the ditch.
    The End.
    Review: I didn’t expect a lot from this video, mainly because flip flops aren’t my thing and thinking it would be the same video with different shoes. As it turns out, this version has a lot of changes that made it a much better product.

    I’ll start with Brandy’s performance. While it remains relatively the same, the new introduction allows her to flex her expressions to be more dynamic. Aside from that, her expressions and body language is still pretty good, often helped by new camera angles in this version. Overall, a slightly improved performance from Brandy in this version.

    One thing this version massively improved on the boots version is the pedal shots. There is a lot more shots this time around, and have creative camera angles as well. They also filled out gaps that were missing between shots in the original version, which makes this version flow a lot better. Brandy’s pumping style is better in this version, as it is now weighty and filled with desperation every time she pushes her flip flops on the brake pedal. While I’m not a huge fan of flip flops, Brandy made it work somehow.

    The editing is also another standout of this version. I mentioned how there are more pedal shots in this version, but the pacing is honestly better than the original version. There are more speedometer and road footage to make the video more natural, thus making it pleasant to watch. It is honestly one of the big positives of this version.

    Overall, the flip flops version of Sell or Die 2 is a major surprise. I came in with not a lot of expectation, and part of that is the flip flops chosen for this version. Instead, this video is an underlooked gem with great pacing and excellent editing that make it a worthy improvement over the boots version. I highly recommend it to any BF fans looking for a good BF video.
    Rating: 9.25/10

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