Stuck as F**K!

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Miko’s father owns a large chemical company that among other things produces industrial strength adhesive.  Miko is dressed for serious business with her blouse, pencil skirt, red lipstick, and french pedicure, and designer strappy high heel sandals!

She is on her way to make a surprise inspection of the facility to make sure things up to snuff.  But, before she can make it inside, she finds her strappy heeled inexplicably stuck in a puddle of super-strong adhesive that was spilled in the parking lot!  Her expensive shoes have too many straps and buckles which makes them incredibly difficult to take off She struggles for several minutes, desperately trying to pull her feet out of the goo, only to no avail.  eventually, she manages to get free and tries to walk back to her car barefoot…. only to get her bare feet stuck once more in more glue!. will she ever get out?  This video is almost 20 minutes of pure stuck action… Runtime: 20min



2 reviews for Stuck as F**K!

  1. george (verified owner)

    Review for Stuck as F**K!
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

  2. Mitt (verified owner)

    Hope we see Miko in glue again! Great struggling, awesome outfit. She really plays the part well!

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