Stuck in the Parking Lot 3!

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Annette gets her flip-flops and bare feet stuck in an abandoned parking lot!


Annette leaves work late on a Saturday and walks into a sticky puddle. her flip flops are stuck instantly and as she tries to lift her feet the goo gets inside trapping her feet to her shoes and her shoes to the ground. she eventually manages to get her feet out of her shoes after a LOT of effort..but then she finds her barefeet hopelessly stuck to the ground too!! She is audibly distressed as she struggles frantically trying to lift her feet to no avail! the sticky goo just won’t let go of her pretty feet no matter how many times she tries!  Annette is the perfect damsel in distress and her cries and whimpers are some of the best ever heard in a stuck video! must see!! Runtime 12 minutes

2 reviews for Stuck in the Parking Lot 3!

  1. Carlos diaz

    Cool new video.
    And again Please 🥺 release it on YouTube please!

    • SPYDER

      Do you go on and demand they send you products for free? Do not come to my website and demand I give you my hard work for free. Either Buy the video like everyone else ,or just enjoy the preview until you do. if you ask me to release a video for free again I’m going to delete your account.

  2. Carlos diaz

    Yes but the video you told me about is not on their on amazon for some reason?

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