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Kayla loses her brakes in strappy Lace-up Sandals


Kayla in her first full brake failure video ..shot back in 2017.  Some bad guy tampers with the brakes on her Ford Probe. later she walks out to her car in a cute dress and lace up sandals to go for a joy ride. but soon her jo turns to fear when she realizes she has no brakes!!

1 review for TamperedBrakes

  1. 14082002

    Title: Tampered Brakes
    Car: Ford Probe
    Model: Kayla
    Outfit: Short Black Dress and Silver lace up sandals.
    Summary: A mysterious person has been tampering with the brakes on Kayla’s car. After that, he closes the hood and leaves the car with his toolbox.
    A short while later, Kayla comes out of her house wearing a short black dress and a pair of Silver lace up sandals. She walks to her car and climbs inside, dropping her purse on the passenger seat. She starts the car and puts the car into Reverse. As she was backing out of the driveway, she left a puddle of brake fluid on the ground. She then put the car into Drive and went onto the road, not knowing what lies ahead of her.
    Soon after, Kayla is driving on the road and feeling relaxed. She approached an intersection and stepped on the brake pedal, spewing out precious brake fluid. She continues on, pressing the brake pedal again to slow down for a roundabout. Once coming onto a twisty road, Kayla presses the gas pedal harder to go faster.
    Eventually, Kayla wanted to slow down and pressed the brake pedal again. This time though, brake fluid are leaking out of the cut brake line and the pedal went straight to the floorboard. Kayla was shocked by this and slammed the brake pedal a couple more times. It still went to the floorboard, as well as chucking out more brake fluid. Soon after, Kayla got panicked and had to negotiate a fast corner by the skin of her teeth.
    Meanwhile, Kayla is pleading for her car to slow down and her feet are now pumping the brake pedal repeatedly. Eventually, she comes across a construction site up ahead. With her feet still pushing the brake pedal over and over to no avail, Kayla screams and covers her face for the inevitable crash.
    The End.
    Review: This video is short but sweet, as it gets straight to the point. While it isn’t very long, the pacing is consistent and doesn’t drag out too long.

    Kayla’s acting is really good in this video. Although this was her first shoot, she is already showcasing great body language and facial expressions when trying to slow down her brakeless car. Her pumping style is really nice as well, being weighty and had a nice flow to each pumping of the brake pedal.

    The technical stuff is also quite decent. The camera for the pedal shots are well-lit and has good angles as well. The outside road footage is also a neat touch, and I wish more videos would have at least one sequence like that. My only real complaint is that this video is made pre-green screen era, so there isn’t any expressive body language just yet. This is something of a personal complaint though, so your mileage may vary.

    Overall, this is a solid video for anyone looking for a quick BF video. Sure, it isn’t going to be a masterpiece, but it is really good nonetheless and a solid debut for Kayla.
    Score: 8/10

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