Tessa’s Brakes fail! (Sandals)

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Alternate footwear version of a Custom video from fall 2022 featuring our new lovely model,  Tessa!. she  wearing her white gladiator sandals and metallic toenail polish. She is on her phone looking cute in tight jeans and off the shoulder top. we get close ups of her feet. eventually walks to her car and drives away. on the road her brakes feel mushy but she keeps driving and even floors it speeding too fast for Rainy conditions.  on the steepest hill she tries to slow down but find her brakes are completely gone!  runtime 8mins 30 sec


1 review for Tessa’s Brakes fail! (Sandals)

  1. 14082002 (verified owner)

    ‘Title’: Tessa’s Brakes Fail! (Sandals)
    ‘Car’: 2005 Toyota Corolla
    ‘Model’: Tessa
    ‘Clothes’: Green jacket, white off-shoulder t-shirt, denim jeans, and a pair of white T-strap sandals.
    ‘Synopsis’: Tessa is sitting on a bench, texting to someone on the phone. After a while, she walks away and soon reaches into her car at the parking lot. She climbs into her car and starts the engine, before reversing out of the parking lot. However, she fails to notice a puddle of brake fluid on her spot before she drives away.

    Tessa is now on the road and is approaching an intersection. She steps on the brake pedal, but is concerned by how mushy the brakes were and felt a bit nervous pumping the brake pedal to stop her car. Eventually, she manages to stop before the traffic light and is back on the gas pedal once the light turns green. Tessa merges onto the freeway and pushes the gas pedal soon after, the speedometer climbing to 50 and 60 MPH. Eventually, she is coming upon a corner that leads to a winding road. She presses the gas pedal once more, but feels more unease with how her brakes are barely slowing her car down. She manages to make the corner and is now on a tight winding road. Tessa slams on the gas pedal even further, making the speedometer needle climb back up to 40, 50, and 60 MPH.

    After some time of fast driving, Tessa pushes the brake pedal once again. This time though, it went to the floorboard with no resistance. Tessa notices this and pushes the brake pedal more frequently, but her car is still speeding along. Tessa grows more panicky as she is now pumping the brake pedal frantically, hoping to slow her car down enough. However, all she did was in vain and she is becoming terrified as even pumping the brake pedal with both feet didn’t do anything. Eventually, Tessa pulled on the handbrake several times just to slow the car down. Once she is at manageable speeds, she turns the ignition key off and coast to the side of the road. Tessa slumps to the steering wheel in relief, yet frightened by the fact her brakes went out on her. She wonders aloud over what she is going to do next as the video ends.
    ‘Review’: This clip is honestly one of the best I have ever seen in recent times. There is so much to talk about in this video, and I’m not sure if I’m making this video justice from this review.

    Tessa’s acting is just brilliant. She has this confidence and even a little bit of flirtiness, as evidenced at the beginning of the video. Her body posture is great as well, as it expresses confidence behind the wheel with how she puts one hand on the steering wheel and the way she works the gas pedal. Then she manages to pull off a believable expression change when she starts to notice her brakes slowly went out. This is further exemplified when she finds out her brakes are completely out, and this is the best part of the video in my opinion. I love how Tessa is clearly begging her car to stop, judging by how her facial expressions slowly went from confident to panicked, as well as great body language. The part where she pulls to the side of the road and takes a breath to recollect is just the cherry on top of a great debut by Tessa. I also like how she doesn’t scream much, which gives it a sense of realism in my opinion.

    The pedal shots in this clip were great as usual. The cinematography is pretty good, with quite a lot of coverage and good lighting as well. Tessa’s pumping style is also really good, having this balance of being progressive and the right amount of aggression at the same time. They also fit right in with her body language, which is a nice touch.

    I also want to give a quick mention to the effects as well. While it is filmed on a green screen, it is convincing enough for some viewers to not realize that they’re looking at a projection. The effects aligns well with the onboard footage, and gives Tessa the opportunity for more varied body language.

    Overall, this is a gem that every BF fan should look into as part of their catalog. Whether it’s the slippers or the sandals version, this clip is fantastic either way. Tessa’s debut BF video is a brilliant introduction to the newest model at GWNB, as well as being a great BF clip on its own.
    ‘Rating’: 9.5/10

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