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Miko is looking pretty chilling at an outdoor cafe. in her sundress and lace up sandals. she walks to the car and drives away. 2 minutes of driving and flooring ensue …but when she hits a long downhill stretch she triest to slow down. only problem? NO BRAKES!!  4:30 minutes of Miko trying to slow her car down to no avail…. This video was shot in 2014 and only now edited for the first time! runtim 9 minutes total


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  1. 14082002 (verified owner)

    Title: Ultimate Sexy Sandals BF 4
    Car: Dodge Intrepid
    Model: Miko
    Outfit: Grey polka-dotted summer dress, and a pair of silver lace up flip flops.
    Summary: Miko is currently relaxing at a local coffee store, looking sexy and dangling her feet as well. Eventually, she walks back into her car and starts the engine. She puts the car into reverse and backs out of her parking lot, before putting the car into Drive and driving off. When she merges onto the road, she presses the brake pedal and doesn’t realize how they are a bit mushy.

    Miko then decides to relax and put her foot down on the gas pedal. The speedometer needle increases to 60 MPH, as she lays her head on the window while driving. After slowing down for a corner, she pushes the gas pedal even further and the speedometer needle climbs up back to 60 MPH. Over the next few moments, Miko continues to push the gas pedal to the floorboard, and the speedometer needle increases to 80 MPH not long after.

    Eventually, Miko presses on the brake pedal to slow down for a downhill stretch. However, the pedal went to the floorboard with no resistance. Feeling puzzled by this, Miko pushes the brake pedal a couple of times and nothing happens. Miko began to be worried as she was now pumping the brake pedal out of disbelief. When it turns out that her car is speeding along to 90 MPH, Miko is starting to panic and holding on for dear life.

    It wasn’t long before Miko was screaming in panic, as she was now pumping the brake pedal as hard and fast as she could. But no matter how many times she pumped the brake pedal and begged her car to stop, it was still useless. Even when Miko used the emergency brake, it still had no effect on stopping the car itself. Miko also dodges a car in her lane, and is now in full panic mode.

    Eventually, she just manages to get by a corner whilst traveling along at nearly 100 MPH. All the while, Miko is really pumping the brake pedal frantically and she is now fully scared of her outcome. Then she sees a T-junction after the corner, and Miko can do nothing but scream loudly before causing an accident. However, it was revealed that Miko survived the accident and lives on for another day.
    The End.
    Review: Holy moly. I have nothing to say, other than the fact this is one of the greatest BF clips of all time in my opinion. Where do I start?

    Let’s start with Miko’s acting, which is fantastic. Miko is able to perfectly articulate her expressions from relaxed to being downright terrified throughout the whole clip. She manages to pull off a believable transition from a girl that was relaxed moments ago to screaming for dear life when her brakes failed. Her body language is also fantastic, moving around with her legs and acting as a great communicator of how desperate she was to stop her car from crashing. Her pumping style is also really great, being really smooth in terms of progression and also surprisingly vigorous when needed. I also like how realistic Miko’s acting is in this clip, as if the viewer really is looking at a real life BF and not just a professionally filmed one. Overall, Miko’s performance is the highlight of the video and easily my favorite of the GWNB models thus far.

    That’s not to say everything else about the video is bad though. The pedal shots have really neat camera angles, and provide great coverage of Miko pumping the brake pedal to its limits. I also like the little details as well, like when the camera focuses on Miko’s body language and how happy she was in the beginning as well. The outfit is also really great, being a perfect mix of sexiness and realism as well.

    In conclusion, Ultimate Sexy Sandals BF 4 is a masterpiece that any BF fan should check out at least once. Not only is this a great starting point for people finding out what the BF genre looks like, but also one of the greatest BF clips of all time. This is a clip that should stand the test of time and is an example of what the BF genre has to offer.
    Rating: 10/10

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