Vika’s Bad Brakes

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Vika brake failure video in silver lace-up sandals


One time Vika(yes that Vika!), came to my town while on tour. We shot a little glamor video and a driving video in my old Honda Accord. She floors it a few times only to find out the brakes don’t work so well!  At first, she is a little surprised but brushes it off as being an old car with weak brakes.   But later on, on the winding downhill road that goes right by Lake Michigan, the brakes go completely out! Runtime 6minutes.


2 reviews for Vika’s Bad Brakes

  1. Scott Schuette (verified owner)

    Another great brake failure by Spyder! Let’s start of with Vika, she is legitimately gorgeous. One of Spyder’s top finds in my humble opinion. We start off outside a cafe where she is drinking sparkling water and looking at the camera. She teases us with here eyes and smile and I so want to know what she is thinking. She is wearing silver lace up flat sandals with sparkly red toenail polish. If you like long slender toes you will adore this clip. She eventually walks to the car, gets in and… well here there is a fade to a POV of the road. The buildup was so good, I genuinely wanted to see her slowly floor the gas and drive away, perhaps there wasn’t footage for this. It would have added to the scene.

    Vika is driving down a winding residential road. I am not sure the make of the car she is in, but there is NO CENTER COUNSOLE! I am immediately excited for I know will come, the rare passenger-view shot. OH MY!

    We see a nice passenger view of her driving (did I mention she is beautiful) and we are immediately let in on her brakes are not working well. Her acting in this scene is pretty good, she isn’t forced and it’s pretty natural.

    The audio mixing is very good. When Vika accellerates, you hear the engine pick up, it is believable and exciting.

    When the brakes begin to go south we are treated to two feet braking very early. The brake goes to the floor as she tries to stop at an intersection. I was genuinely pleased to see this and done so well. Two gorgeous feet working on stopping, very nice! We get multiple angles and YES the passenger view shot arrives and was well executed!

    When the brakes finally go out, we finally get to see Vika do her thing, and what a great job she does. Her pumping moves from slow and methodic to harder and more erratic. You can tell she is trying harder and losing her ability to be deliberate. Her voice goes from nervous, determined and angry to scared as heck. He screams for help as we hear the vehicle skid around corners. Her facial expressions are on point, she looks down at the right time hoping to see something different while maintaining control of the vehicle, it was a masterful performance.

    Before the end I did notice that the road appears to be sloping up hill, I found myself asking wouldn’t this slow the car down some. In my head the answer was yes, but I didn’t let that hinder me from enjoying the show. The scene ends with a cut that was both satisfying and realistic, well done!

    You should totally grab this clip, especially to experience Vika. If we ever get the Raw footage I will probably pick that up as well, I wish we had more of her…

  2. 14082002

    CLIP #8
    Title: Vika’s Bad Brakes
    Car: 1991 Honda Accord
    Model: Vika
    Outfit: White printed shirt, black short skirt, and a pair of silver lace up sandals
    Summary: Vika went outside of a market and sat on a chair, drinking a bottle of water in the process. All the while, Vika crossed over her legs and dangled her feet for anyone to see. After drinking her water, she walks over to her car and climbs inside. She strapped her seatbelt in and drove out of the parking spot.
    Soon after, Vika is now on the road and gently presses the gas pedal to go faster. She sees a long corner up ahead and steps on the brake pedal. As she negotiated the corner safely, she notes the brake pedal felt a bit off and pumps them a few more times. She scoffs at it, thinking it was the age of the car itself. Vika is now back on the gas pedal and pushes it almost to the floor mat, making the car quicker as a result. Then Vika comes up onto an intersection and steps onto the brake pedal again. However, the pedal went almost to the floorboard and Vika gets worried about not stopping in time. She pumps the brake pedal a few more times, even using both of her feet at the end. Eventually, the car did come to a stop and Vika can now look at other cars crossing the intersection. Vika soon moves her foot to the gas pedal again, as she enters a twisty and hilly road. Vika is worried about her poor brakes, but that didn’t stop her from mashing the gas pedal to go faster.
    After a few moments of driving fast, Vika pushes the brake pedal. This time, the pedal went to the floorboard with no response. Vika was surprised by this, and pumped the brake pedal a couple more times with the same result. Vika soon got a lot panicked, until she is a screaming damsel as she tries to make the corners as hard as she could. Meanwhile, her foot mashes the brake pedal frequently, but the car is still traveling at great speeds. As she is hanging on for dear life, she begs her brakes to work and slow down her car. But no matter how much she is pumping the limp brake pedal, it was the same old result with a THUD. Eventually, she sees another intersection and despite pumping the brake pedal as hard as she could with both feet, she can do nothing but scream and cover her face as she faces an inevitable crash.
    The End.
    Review: I am hoping that this video will be good judging by the previews. Looking at the video, I can say that it lives up to the expectations.

    Vika’s acting is really great to be honest. Her body language is quite expressive, if a bit understated. Her facial expressions and sounds are dynamic and even lively, which do a convincing job of portraying a damsel in a brakeless car. This is especially true in the last third, where it all came together to produce a great first performance from Vika. My only complaint is that her screams can be a bit creaky at times, but that is minor compare to everything that made her debut great.

    The pedal shots are impressive, featuring good camera angles and good amount of coverage as well. I need to talk upon Vika’s pumping style, which offers a believable transition between flooring to mashing the brake pedal repeatedly. All in all, her pumping style really makes the most out of her shoes and make the pedal shots look great.

    Overall, this is a great debut clip from Vika and a well executed clip in its own merit. A good outfit, really good pedal shots, and a dynamic performance from Vika makes this a good recommendation for any BF fans looking for a short but sweet BF clip.
    Rating: 8.5/10

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