For Halloween: Incident on Ghost Hallow Drive

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Many of us have heard stories of old, vacant homes that have strange lights and erie sounds comming from them. Or maybe we know of a old, decrpid grave yard where it is rumored that spirits rise from their graves and dance around the headstones. Every Halloween we all hear tales of houses, cemeteries and patches of thick woodland being occupied by the undead.

But, how many of us have heard of a haunted road? Marisa certainly hadn’t. That changed quite quickly one Halloween.

It was a Friday evening and Marisa headed home from her job as a receptionist at New England law firm. She was driving her Saturn SC 2 a little quicker than usual. She knew she had to get home as soon as she could if she was going to pick up her new boyfriend, Todd, and go to the costume party before 8:00pm.

As she approached an intersection she noticed the light turn yellow. She brushed her shoulder length, jet black hair to one side, placed both hands on the steering wheel and floored the gas pedal in her black 3″ pumps and nude hose. The car zipped through the intersection just as the light turned red.

Marisa kept her high heel clad foot on the floor for a while longer. She enjoyed the speed even though the Saturn wasn’t the most powerful car. Her mouth gave way to a cute yet mischievious smile.

Her tires screeched as she turned into the driveway of her apartment building. She parked the car in her slot and ran up to her apartment to change for the party. As she walked into her halway she saw she had a message on the answering machine. When she hit the button the voice of Todd poped out.

“Hey, Marisa. It’s Todd. Just to remind you, the party is at Mike’s farm at 8:00pm. I found a real cool way to get there. It’s very scenic. Remember, wear something I’ll enjoy watching you drive in… if you know what I mean.”

Marisa smiled to herself. She knew Todd had a bit of a fetish for watching her drive in high heels. She liked it when he would look down at the floorboard of her car when she drove. For some reason it gave her a sence of power when she drove.

Marisa ran to her closet and pulled out the costume for this evening’s party. She was going as a vampiresque sourceress. The outfit was a tight, black one piece dress with a long slit up the right leg. It showed lots of cleavage with a criss-cross tie accross the breasts. She slipped her slim, petite body into the outfit. She then eased on some black pantyhose and went into the bathroom to apply her make up. First, the light purple eyeshadow that reached to her temples. Then the black eyeliner to acentuate her already big beautiful eyes. Lastly, she out on some dark red lipstick to give her that creepy yet, come hither look.

She then ran back to her closet and got out a brand new shoe box. She had just bought some new shoes for just this occasian. She pulled them out and slipped them on. She looked down at her feet for several minutes while arching them and streching her ankles as she admired her new high heels. They were black velvet, clossed toe heels with a 4″ stiletto heel. They didn’t have any side edges along the sole so that when Marisa would arch her foot just right, one could get a view of the bottom of her foot. The shoes also had straps. One just a half inch from where the toes rested. Then one a half inch from that. And one last one circling her ankle.

“Todd is going to have one hell of an evening.” she said to herself. Little did she know just what kind of hell they were both in for.


Marisa drove out of the city and into the suburbs of New England in her green Saturn SC 2. She liked they way her new strappy high heel pump felt on the accelerator. She liked the way her shapley right leg was exposed through the slit in her black vampire outfit just as much. Elvira: Mistress of the Dark would have been envious.

Marisa let her high heeled foot play with the gas pedal for a bit before reaching the suburbs where her boyfreind, Todd, shared a small home with a few roomates. She would slowley floor the gas to the floor and hold it there. Then she’d lift her foot up from the gas with her stiletto heel pivoting her foot up and let the car coast a bit.

Once she reached the suburbs she slowed the car down to a sfe speed due to the fact that there were many trick-or-treaters running around the neighborhood on their major sugar highs.

Todd waved to Marisa as she pulled up to the front of his home. She giggled when she saw Todd waiting in front yard with a two piece suit and a President Clinton mask on. He walked forward, took off the mask and motioned for Marisa to get out of the car.

As marisa got out and walked toward Todd, Todd looked Marisa up and down, from head to toe. Once he noticed Marisa’s new strppy heels he gasped and his eye’s bugged out.

“Holy cow! You look incredible” Todd said as Marisa put her arms around him and kissed. When they were finished embracing Todd said he had a proposition for her.

“Y’know, I can never get a good look at you driving in that Saturn of yours. So my roomate, Bob siad we could use his pick up for the ride out to the party.” Todd glanced over at the clossed garage. He pointed a romote at the door and as the door slowly lifted it revealed an old ’78 Ford pick up truck.

Marisa stared in concern as she noticed the rust that was building up on the wheel wells and the faded blue paint job.

“I don’t know about that thing, Todd” complained Marisa. ” We won’t even get out of the city with that.”

“Don’t worry,” Todd reassured Marisa. “It might look like a peice of crap, but it runs like a charm. It hasn’t let Bob down yet. He just got a tune up.”

Marisa gave in. She saw how giddy Todd was acting due to her new footware. She new he couldn’t wait for her to give him a show. He waved the keys in front of her with his big goofy smile. She grabbed the keys as she gave him a wicked smirk and they both got into the truck.

Marisa slipped into the driver’s seat as Todd helped himself into the passenger side. Once she pulled up the seat, fooled with the mirrors and saw that Todd was setlled in, she placed the key into the ignition, turned the key and pressed her right foot down on the accellerator. She had to hold the gas to the floor for several seconds before the truck would fully sputter to life.

Todd watched her high heel clad foot with facination. She looked over at him and noticed the direction of his eyes down on the floorboard. She smiled and lifted her foot up a bit then reved the gas pedal three times for Todd.

“You’re enjoying this? Aren’t you?” she asked Todd with a bit of amusement. The smile on Todd’s face and the bulge in his pants answered her question.

They were leaving the suburbs and getting into the New England countryside when Marisa asked what roads she should take to get there. Todd told her that the most scenic route to take to Mike’s farm house would be Host Hallow Road.

“It has a lot of curves and hills which is perfect for your lead foot.” said Todd. “Plus it goes through a wooded area which will have beautiful foliage at this time of year.”

Marisa was a little aprehensive about driving the clunker too fast in that kind of an enviroment. But, she new Todd would appreciate the eyfull he would get from her foot on the floorboard.

As they approached Host Hallow Road, Todd decided that this would be a good time to tell a true ghost story.

“You do know that the locals around here call Host Hallow Road “Ghost” Hallow Road?”

“Ah… No.” Replied Marisa.

“It’s true.” Continued Todd. “In the early 1900’s a towns lady was riding her wagon to her farm when the horses got spooked and went into a high speed gallop. The lady couldn’t get the horses under control and the wagon flew off the road into a tree killing her instantly. It is said that around the time of Halloween her ghost can be seen tryng to gain control of the wagon at breakneck speed down the Ghost hallow Road.”

This didn’t put any ease on Marisa’s concern about the rusty pick up truck she was driving. She tried to get her mind off it by looking at the colorful trees of the country side.

Soon they reached “Ghost” Hallow Road. Marisa turned onto the twisty road with care. She noticed it was getting dark out so she turned on the light just above the floorboard so Todd could get a good view. She also noticed the woods to each side of the road were getting thicker and thicker. This unerved her a bit but, the show she was going to put on for Todd would ease her mind.

Once the road wasnt’ so curvy she turned to Todd and said, “Let’s see what this clunker can do.”

Todd looked down to the driver’s side of the floorboard. Once Marisa saw that she had his attention on her right foot she ever so slowly pressed down the gas pedal with her strappy black velvet pump. The engine reved up and the truck slowly flew forward. Once she had the pedall halfway to the floor she looked over at a visually excited Todd and said, “Hold on baby. Better strap youself in.” Todd fumbled for the seat belt for a bit. Once he was strapped in he looked back down at her foot and mumbled under his breath, “Faster…”

Marisa placed more pressure on the gas pedal bringing it three quartes of the way down to the floor. Todd loved they way her ankle strap rubbed against the black sheerness of her hose.

“Faster.” Todd said out loud.

“This pedal is going to the floor, honey!” Marisa said as she lifted her foot off the gas, held it above for just a second and then mashed her whole foot down against the pedal. The truck surged forward and the spedometer arched itself from 60mph to 70mph. The front of Marisa’s shoe had the pedal burried deep in the carpeting of the floorboard as her stiletto heel was lifted up in the air.

The two of them were too enthralled to notice that the temperature within the truck was dropping rapidy for no apprent reason. Nor did they notice that there was a very steep incline coming up.


part 3

Todd couldn’t keep his eyes off of Marisa’s right high heel clad foot which was currently pinning the gas pedal of the old Ford pick up truck. He loved it when his girlfreind would drive fast in heels.

As Todd released a deep breath he noticed a waft of steam seep out of his mouth and evaporate into the air. To his astonishment he finally felt just how cold it suddenly got in the truck.

“Christ! it’s cold in here!” Todd was no longer as aroused as he was beforehand. “I’m turning on the heat.” Todd proclaimed as he reached over and switched on the heat. Marisa lifted up her foot on the gas pedal and the truck slowed down.

“Jeeze, you’re right.” replied Marisa. ” It’s freezing sudenly. Guess that’s a mood killer. I was just starting to have fun.”

“Besides,” said Todd, “I don’t wan to get too excited and mess up my slacks. That would ruin my Clinton costume.” Todd saw the irony in what he just said and laghed.

It wasn’t getting any warmer in the truck. The heating system seemed to blow more cold air at them. This made Marisa nervous again. What else could go wrong with this truck?

She looked out her window and noticed that the trees in the woods looked twisted and menacing and it had gotten much darker out now. She turned on the high beams for a better view of what was ahead. In the distance she saw a sign that read “SLOW TRAFFIC. STEEP HILL AHEAD.”

“Now this is going to be cool.” said Todd. “lets see you hit that hill at 60mph!”

“Are you out of your skull?!?!” asked Marisa. “I’m not doing any more joy riding for you now. Maybe after the cosume party. I just don’t feel safe doing it here anymore.”

Todd relaxed back in his seat and said nothing. He peered down the road to the upcoming incline. He was a bit tired so he rested his eyes. He was almost asleep when he felt the car surge forward again. He opened his eyes to find the truck speeding toward the incline.

“Cool! I din’t think you were going to do this! Did ya change your mind?” Todd looked over at Marisa.

“I’m not doing anything!!” Marisa said sternly. Todd looked down at Marisa’s strappy stiletto pump expecting to see it pinning the pedal to the floor. Instead he saw Marisa lift her foot up off the gas. The truck increased in speed as it started down the incline.
Marisa moved her foot from over the gas pedal to down onto the brake. Todd saw her depress the pedal all the way down to the floor board. She held it there for a few seconds, then lifted it up again. The truck continued to shoot down the road.

“OH GOD, TODD!”, Marisa screamed.

Again she took her high heel clad foot and pressed down on the long horizontal pedal. The truck continued to fly down the long hill.
Marisa continued to panic. “THE BRAKES!! THERE OUT!! THEY’RE COMPLETELY GONE!!” With that Marisa lifted her foot of the brake and slammed it back down to the floor again. Todd could feel the vibration the pedal hitting the floorboard in his seat.

Marisa started to pump the brake pedal rapidly. Thump, thump, thump. Thump, thump, thump. Her dainty foot in the dark hose and strappy stiletto pumps would have been a wonderful sight for Todd had he not been scared s**tless at the time.

“Keep pumping it, Marisa!!” Todd told her. He didn’t know what else to do he felt incredibly helpless. They both did.

Marisa continued her constant struggle with the limp brake pedal. Thump, thump, thump.
Marisa then lifted her left foot up and cranked down on the emergancy brake pedal. The thing broke off and fell down from below the dash hit the floor board with a dead bump under her strappy pumped foot.

“OH, GOD!!”, she screamed, “NOW WE’RE REALLY SCREWED!!” She continued to pump the brake pedal with all her might. THUMP, THUMP, THUMP.
Just then they both noticed that a sharp right turn was coming up close ahead of them. If they missed it the truck would end up smack dab in the center of a big crooked tree. The accident would be similar to the one with the woman in the wagon all those years ago.

Marisa screamed as she gave the brake pedal one strong stomp as hard as she could. With all of her might, using both feet, Marisa stood firmly on the brake pedal wich was pinned to the floorboard. She pressed it so hard that the stiletto heel of her left shoe snapped off.
At the last second she turned the wheel of the truck all the way to the right. The truck did a squeeling 180. The back end swung around the sharp curve and banged into one of the may twisted old trees. The truck jolted to stop. Not a word was said between the two for about a solid five minutes. They just sat there and looked at each other. Todd tried to say something but, nothing came out of his mouth when he opened it.
Finally Marisa broke the silence.

“WERE YOU OUT OF YOUR FRIGGIN’ MIND” Marisa shouted. “You set this all up! Didn’t you?! I’ll bet if we look at the brake line we’ll find a finley cut hole in it. I don’t know what you were thinking!!! Did you do it to scare me?!?! You and that scary story! DID YOU GET YOUR PEDAL SHOW!?!?! ARE YOU HAPPY?!?!!!

“I… I… I didn’t do anything honest.” Todd pleaded.
Marisa got up and stormed out of the truck and onto the side of the road. Todd fallowed her quickly.

“Look I didn’t do anything! I…” Todd started to say something else but was sudenly interupted when a cold wind came up from the direction they came. Leaves flew around in circles dancing around Todd and Marisa. The tempurature dropped as it did in the truck. The sound of trampling hoofs could be heard comming closer and closer toward them.

Then they saw it. A small wagon being pulled by two horses whos eyes glowed red and steam blew from their enfalmed nostrils. Aboard the driver’s seat was perched a shreiking woman with flowing blond hair and a look of terror on her face. Wagon, horses and driver were all transparent and flew by the two awestruck individuals. It flew past them and on into the darkness untill it dissapeared completely. The sound of hooves could be heard for just a few seconds later then faded away.

The two stood there and stared out into the darkness where the wagon had dissapeared.

Two hours later the tow truck was lifting the pick up’s front end into the air as Marisa and Todd sat watching on.

“Ya know, I checked the brake lines and everything looks fine.” said the tow truck driver.

“Yes, we figured that.” replied Marisa staring vacently to nothing in particular. “We figured that.”
The End.