Terms of Service

The Following terms of service apply to You, the user of this website, whether your download or view, download or purchase content, post comments or images, or book a shoot or otherwise do business with “us” at girlswithnobrakes.com or Spyder0 productions

Payments and refunds.

1. Payments made to us and All transactions are handled externally by PayPal and you will be redirected to this site upon completion of payment.  Your personal email and username but must be accurate to ensure delivery of content. Buy making purchases on our site you certify that you are 18 years of age.

2. No refunds are given once any payment or sale is complete. In the case of unsatisfactory service, or incomplete download, we shall attempt to rectify the problem in a manner that is satisfactory to be determined by us in our sole discretion; which may include re-enabling of downloads, and or providing additional content free of charge.

3. Payments for professional services, such as custom videos and video production, must be paid in advance of services rendered. in some cases, a small deposit may be required. in all cases no content or materials will be rendered to you until payment is made in full.

Content Restrictions

1. Content on this site shall not contain any depictions of minors under the age of 18, or any persons, real or virtual who are made to appear as such.

2. Some images and content may be considered to be for mature audiences only.  You must be 18 years or older to view these items labeled “mature” or “18+”.  Other content not labeled as such may be suitable or all ages.

4. Some areas of the site may be password protected. these areas will be accessible only to those provided with a secure login. You agree that you will not attempt to access password-protected areas of this site or age-inappropriate content without authorization. You further agree not to share your login with any persons for any reason or permit any other persons to login to your account

4. All content you submit, whether they are images, links, comments, custom scripts or any data transmitted to or through this website will not contain any depictions of minors under the age of 18.

5. You agree not to post or write comments, or custom scripts that contain or link to any material which is unlawful, harmful, violent, threatening, abusive or hateful.

6. You agree and warrant that you shall not post any comments or material that constitute or contain or link to material which is libelous, slanderous, defamatory, or which will violate or infringe upon the rights or copyrights of any person or entity; or will otherwise give rise to any adverse claim with respect to any common law or other right of any person or other entity, including, without limitation, privacy rights and all other personal and proprietary rights.

7. You agree and warrant that  any and all content and material(s) of every kind which you transmit using Our site shall at all times be free from any and all damaging software defects, including, but not limited to, software “viruses”, “worms”, “Trojan Horses,” and other source code anomalies, which may cause software or hardware disruption or failure, reduced computer operating speed, or compromise any security system.

 Copyright and Usage Restrictions

1. Unless expressly stated otherwise all content, images, and materials appearing on or available through this site are the sole property of the site owner Timothy J. Wheeler,  operating under the name Spyder0 Productions.  Both U.S. and international copyright laws and treaties protect this content You may not use, reproduce, display, or sell any of our content without prior written consent.

2. You may not use, distribute, share, post, edit, filter or modify any of our Content,  for any reason. This includes Custom videos, and photo sets received.

3. Custom videos and Photo sets purchased are for private viewing only. You agree and understand that you have no legal claim or copyright to the content and thus Do not have the right to post, share, re-edit, filter, or sell this content in any way whether in print or digital.

4. Content provided as a professional service such as Music videos, Promo videos, and  Images received from a paid booking or TFP shoot fall under the same restrictions as the above with the exception that they are intended and allowed to be distributed on social media and personal and public websites,  provided proper credit is given.  Printed versions of specific content may also be sold by you without requesting additional permission. Complete rights and usage are outlined in the model release, contract or usage agreement signed at the time of sale or services rendered.   Full Copyright may be purchased and transferred to you on a case by case basis.

5.  Content that is solely created and produced by us is owned and copyrighted by us and may be reposted, shard, and redistributed and sold for a profit by us, at our sole discretion.  This is true regardless of the type of content and payment by you or to you, ;you agree that you have no copyrights or any legal claims to this any content; are not otherwise entitled to any compensation or royalties other than what has been previously agreed upon and rendered to you.

6. You Agree to indemnify us against any claim or damages arising from the producing, distribution, or marketing of any content that you either a. commission b. download. c. purchase.

7. You agree that any violation of these terms may result in action against you. including but not limited to legal action,   removal content, disabling of your account and any applicable cooperation with authorities in accordance with the  statutes of State of Michigan and the laws of the  United States of America

8. You represent and warrant that you are over 18 years of age (21 in places where eighteen years is not the age of majority) and are fully competent to enter into this Agreement.