patent leather pumps

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Leona 2-Teaser
full video avaialble here
Brake Decline HD
Kerida is a bank executive that has rejected a loan to an unhinged dangerous person an this pers has tamepred with her brakes for revenge. On her way home she heads down a deep decline and her brakes slowly decline to the floor until she realizes...She has no brakes!!!
Nina HD (heels)
Nina is a reporter trying to escape bad guys but unbeknownst to her the brakes on her truck have been tampered with. In this version she wears high heel shiny black pumps
Keara HD
Keara is drivig home from a night of partying with the girls. Some loud obnoxious  dudes start cat calling her while at a stop light. She teases them..then takes off when the light turns green;  leaving them in the dust.  But when she goes to slow down,  she finds out that her brakes are completely gone!. Did someone cut her brakes at the club??
Kindi Brakless
Kindi leaves work after a long day. little did she know a disgruntled co-worker has tampered with the brakes on her car. on the way home, her brakes feel soft under her feet but she keeps driving. eventually the brakes go out completely. she pumps the brake pedal in desperation and eventually comes to a stop using the emergency brake.