Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is GWNB
A. it’s a commonly used abbreviation of ” Girls with no brakes” the former name of this site. GWNB /Girlswithnobrakes is a brand of spyder0 productions- a media company that features beautiful bold and colorful photos of gorgeous models and heavy focus on fashion, legs, and feet. Spyder0 Productions also produces music videos, short films, and pedal pumping videos. This site provides a digital download store for these videos, a vendor marketplace for other video producers to sell content, and a Community forum for fans of these videos.

Q. What is Pedal pumping?
A. Pedal pumping or “PP” is a fetish or paraphilia where one enjoys sight of people(typically women) pressing and/or “pumping” pedals of a vehicle to in a broader extent this can also apply pedals of any machine or instrument (sewing drums, pianos..etc) but cars and vehicles are the most common. bicycle pedals, incidentally are never considered in pedal pumping.
The fascination can often be traced to childhood experiences watching mothers or close relatives try to start cars or get unstuck from mud or snow. the fantasy is also commonly played out on television and movies and commercials in which a “pedal shot” cuts away is used to indicate characters performing or attempting some kind of action or maneuver in a car.
The choice of footwear is important to the viewer with high heels being the most common, followed by bare feet but any footwear hat t can be considered attractive can be requested.

Q. What is “Brake failure”?
A. Brake failure or “BF” is a subgenre of Pedal pumping that is inspired by classic tropes in tv and movies, books and mystery crime stories. In these scenes, the car brakes are tampered with or malfunctioning and the character is seen pumping desperately pumping away at the brakes while trying to steer the car and not crash. see TV TROPES for more. This is kind of thing is challenging to film and difficult to do with the proper level of realism. However, Spyder0 Productions was the first to film “BF” videos as a short film, with multiple cameras, talented actresses, and professional editing techniques. This is often a far cry from how other pedal pumping videos are shot. This project is what originally inspired the name GirlsWithNoBrakes.

Q. What is Stuck-in-glue?
A. Stuck in glue is inspired mostly by cartoons. but also appears in other media. see TV tropes article on this also. A character would inexplicably find themselves (usually their feet) in tar or glue that stretches but won’t break as they pull their feet to no avail. This is created to some level of comedic effect with real live people. Women are usually stuck with their soles in goo and unable to get out. Various substances can be used such as melted bummy bears or the kind of glue found in Rat traps for an even more realistic effect.

Q. What happened to the old
A. that domain name is now an online portfolio and website for Spyder0 Productions. Photos and videos of GWNB models past and present will be available there. It was always envisioned that would be so much more than a video download site. An online magazine, a collective of models and photographers, or perhaps even an agency may be in the future for GWNB

Q. Where can I find all the old videos?
A. If they aren’t already in the store, they may be added in the future. some may be available for free. If you are looking for one you do not see, drop a line in the forum and see if it might be available to be re-added.

Have a question that hasn’t been answered? Ask it in the comments or on the forum. It will be either answered directly or, if its a frequently asked one, It will be added add it to the FAQ!

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