Retiring GWNB Digital marketplace

AFter mutliple attempts to rebrand and figure out how i want to present my work to fans and customers.. i have decided to get rid of GWNBSTORE and house everything under What does this mean for you? nothing if you already go to to access the forum. If you bookmarked domain will expire on December 20th. So get used to useing and the site will slowly transisiton while still staying funtional. logins and download history and forum access will remain the same.

there is potential for a subscriptiong based site in the future. but fo now, paid content will be purchsaeble individualy.

Another thing that is going to change is that to purchase from the store a Login WILL be required. So if you want to see whats available and or uprchaes and download. you must either sign up or login. the upside of this , is that you get to see your order history and re-download items with in the expiration date.

Download issues

A few people have reported 404 errors when downloading the latest stuck-in glue video Stuck as F**k. for some reason the file went missing a few hours after it was posted. The issue has been rectified and downloads are working. however, to ensure this is not a part of a bigger issue. I will be monitoring things. please use the contact form or the email link at the top of the page if there are any more issues found.

another smaller issue is that every once ina while, a user with certain internet connections will fail to be able to download files entirely. it appears to be limited to only ISP such as cable and DSL providers.. and not mobile networks. Please also inform me if this is your issue…it seems to affect only about 1 percent of the people who purchase …but I want to help in any way I can and I can provide an alternate link if you are unable to download it.

A mistake in recent Video Title

just a heads up to those who purchased Bad Mechanic 4. it should actually be titled Bad Mechanic 5. You may notice only Bad Mechanic 1, and 2 were previously released. The reason we are on 5 now is there are actually 2 other videos shot ..featuring Camilla and Sophie respectively. Expect to see those out in the near future. In the meantime, you may want to rename your file so that when the true Bad Mechanic 4 comes out, it does not cause a conflict or confusion. But if you don’t’ care it is fine either way. 🙂

Issue with free videos

So due to some fuckery with youtube’s age restrictions….videos that are age restricted can no longer be embedded and viewed on third party sites such as ours. Even tho we do not post adult content, we have made it a point to age restrcit every video posted on youtube, since youtube ends up doing it anyways. but, this means ALL of my videos are now unplayable. while a few of user submitted videos that have not been age restrcited are still fine..this may change. My suggesion for those who wish to submit videos is to use another services such as Daily Motion. this is very much supported by GWNB.

over time i will be updating GWNB videos so that they are hosted here and not on youtube. this way i can take back control and prevent playlists and unauthorized sharing.

New Video gallery and Discord!

Introducing the new and improved GWNB video gallery. Now you can add your own videos from youtube , vimeo , or daily motion. subject to approval….but check it out now.

In other news. due to popular demand, we now have an official discord chat server. You can access it from the forum sidebar(browser) or bottom menu (on mobile)

Site name changes

JUst a reminder that GWNBstore is going away and in its place, will be JUST some of you my have already noticed some minor change happening. with the site logo, and certain features appearing. GWNBSTORE will be accessible until December. After that the only way to reach the site will be though through set your bookmarks now!