10 years!!

WE made it..this month marks the 10th anniversary of GWNB. Not the website per se,  as that didn’t get created until 2013. But it was 10 years ago in July when I first met Sif..and she became the first model to do a Brake failure video.     I recently asked people what screen test with would like to see…and Sif was mentioned.  I previously thought I  lost all Unedited footage of her..turns out I DID NOT!! i still have the old Hi-8 VHS tape that I recorded her screen test on. and the camera I used still works after 10 years of moving around,  sitting in boxes and dusty garages.  So I was able to capture the footage and make it available for you all to see here!

A longer behind the scenes version can be found in the video section of the site.

stuck-girls and mini-sites

I have created mini-site for stuck-girls.com. going to stuck-girls.com takes you to a subsection of GWNB dedicated to stuck in glue fetish. All stuck videos can be found there for sale plus pics and a dedicated forum. The same logins and user accounts work for both sites. This is part of a bigger plan to include more mini-sites while making sure they are all secure and accessible by the same users as GWNBSTORE. the emphasis for the main site will still be pedal pumping and brake failure, but will also act as a hub for all other content as well.

No more RAW/Uncut

I forgot to mention this before the slight website reboot. but I have done away with raw footage and they are no longer for sale. Thanks to those who purchase them. it helped support the site. I apologize for those who didn’t get a chance to. However i have a new propositio for those willing to help financially. Instead of releasing raw footage, there is a new opportunity to get unfinished videos. If you can think of a model/footwear combo you want to see, PM me or email me and If I have something that matches, you may pay a discounted “custom” fee for me to edit it asap. it starts around 50 dollars for 3-5 minute video. longer videos will be priced accordingly. it’s like getting a pre-made custom video. for example, if you want a video with Emi barefoot. I have that…but it’s not on the agenda to edit unless someone asks and pays me to do so . Say you want a video with Brandy in boots or high heels. same applies. Not all models and footwear combinations exist. but I promise you that I have terabytes of unused footage so chances are if you are wanting it..its been done. this includes old and new models such as Selena. you just have to ask and i’ll let you know what is available. I will also send pics/screenshots. note: this primarily applies to brake failure. not driving or cranking. but it could in some cases so dont hesitate to ask.

New Features

Amid all the issues I been dealing with getting the store working, there is some good news. I have improved the free section with more videos. the way it works is it pulls videos right from my own youtube playlists. So, If you want something added, just let me know in the forum and I’ll add it. It’s super easy and fast compared to the old system. Check it ou!!

It’s even possible for me to add your own unique playlists. As long as there aren’t duplicate videos or things that I have in mine. For example, if you make your own vids and want to make a playlist for that I can make a separate page for it. once there, all you have to do is update your playlist with new videos and they will show up here. pretty cool huh?? PM me or hit me up in the forum with your playlist and we’ll see if its worthy of being added.

FYI, there are a few videos of mine that were free that I decided to add back to the store. this way you can download them and have them forever.